Hall Rental

Please Note: Rental Details Are Subject To Change At Any Time

  • Hall Capacity 299.
  • 8 hr. Rental.
  • Bartender Services Included.
  • Use of Kitchen For Heating/Warming Purpose Included.
  • Security Guards Included.
  • Use Of Tables/Chairs Included (we currently have 16-65″ round tables plus 22-8′ long tables).
  • Discounted Domestic Beer Tickets Available At $2.75 Ea. (optional).
  • Party May Bring Non-Alcoholic Beverages For Guests.
  • Janitorial Cleanup Services Available For $200.00 Fee (optional).
  • $500.00 Refundable Security Deposit Required To Secure Date
  • (deposit refundable as long as party does not go over 8 hrs., cleanup is done, and no vandalism occurs).
  • Monday – Thursday Rates $75.00 An Hour (additional fee for bartender/security guards)
  • Friday Rates- Quince $1575.00 – Wedding $1475.00
  • Saturday Rates- Quince $1975.00 – Wedding $1875.00
  • Sunday Rates – Quince $1225.00 – Wedding$1125.00
  • Discounts Available To Post 299 Members (must be member in good standing for 1 or more years to qualify for discount)


Hall Rental Agreement (copy)

American Legion Post 299

1.  This agreement is entered into by ______________________(“Renter) an The American Legion Post 299 (“Landlord”).

2.  This renter shall rent the hall on ___________________, 2014 from _______ am/pm to _________ am/pm.  If renter goes beyond the time agreed, renter shall be responsible for the additional per hour of rental the hall, additional fee for security personnel hour fees per guard as stated below, and any other fees that may be applicable the the additional time.

3.  The renter agrees to pay the landlord $___________for rental of the hall that will be paid on or before the follow dates.

4.  Security Deposit:

The amount of $_______ shall be paid as a security deposit in addition to the amount listed above and shall be paid upon the execution of this agreement.  If the renter cancels this agreement after ________________, the renter forfeits the entire security deposit.

Renter further agrees that amounts will be deducted from the security deposit for any and all damages caused by renter and/or his or guests while on the premises for the renter’s event.  If the amount paid as security deposit is not enough to cover damages and security fees and holdover fees for bartenders and other staff, then the renter agrees to the additional charges and will pay the total when presented to him/her.

Renter also agrees that in the event renter goes beyond above-agreed rental time there will be additional fees deducted at the rate of $_____ per hour plus additional fees for security personnel, bartenders and any required additional staff for the holdover time at the rate of $______ per hour for each.

Renter will bring their own ice and 33 gallon garbage sacks.


Renter agrees that landlord shall provide security personnel.  Renter agrees that it shall be up the discretion of the security personnel to bring in additional personnel for the event and renter agrees to be responsible financially for the additional amount needed for the additional security personnel and such amount as stated above.  Renter agrees that security personnel have the authority to close a party for any reason at any time.  If its further agreed that security personnel have the authority, at their discretion, to ask anyone at any time to leave the premises for any reason.

Renter also agrees that the hall and parking lot holds 299 people in the premises and if there are 299 people in the premises, no other person will be allowed in by security personnel in the premises until others leave so that there will only be 299 people in the premises at any given time.  The count includes band members and entertainers.  If there are more than 299 people on the premises, renter agrees that the party may be subject to closing.

Renter agrees that any outside alcohol WILL BE CONFISCATED from anyone on the premises.  Any items that are confiscated such as alcohol, weapons etc. shall be retained by security personnel.  Security personnel has the right to enter the hall at any time for inspection and security purposes.


Renter shall be available or have a representative to do a walk through of the premises with security personnel at the beginning of the event.  Such walk-through can include a visual inspection and/or the taking of pictures, video, audio or can include a checklist.  Renter shall be responsible for any damage caused to the halls decorations such as destruction or removal of pictures, banners etc.  Any children under 18 years of age shall be at all times in the custody, control and with a parent and/or guardian.


Renter agrees to provide their own table cloths/linens for the tables and their decoration, unless agreed that landlord will provide such.  Renter will be responsible for cleaning after event of the hall.   All decorations shall be removed from all surfaces.  The garbage shall be place in garbage bags provided by renter and put in the dumpster.  Renter shall also clean garbage from the parking area.  If renter fails to properly clean the hall, bathroom, parking lot, kitchen and any other designated areas, then the renter will be responsible for paying the landlord’s costs for the cleanup.


Renter agrees that there shall be only enough tables and chairs to seat 299 people and that there shall be no one else in addition to the 299 people allowed in the premises until others leave, as stated above.  Renter agrees that no one in their party will bring in outside alcohol.  There shall be a hold-over charge at the rate stated above, if there is a need for the bartenders and/or any of the landlord’s staff to work beyond the time stated above.  Renter agrees that no one under the age of 21 will consume alcohol in the premises and that each adult over 21 shall buy only one drink for themselves and for no one else.  Only one drink per adult at the time and the bar reserves the right to ask for identification from each person at the event.  Bar personnel have the right to refuse to sell alcohol to anyone at any time. Renter and guests may bring their own sodas, water and non-alcoholic beverages. NO ONE under the age of 21 is allowed to consume any alcohol including Champagne.


Renter agrees that the kitchen is for heating/serving purposes only and not for cooking meals from scratch.  All utensils are to be supplied by the renter.  Renter will be responsible for returning the kitchen to the same condition they found it in at the beginning of the event.  Smoking and talking on cell phones will be done outside in front of the hall.


Guests must abide by all Legion rules.  Security has the discretion to request that these rules be abided and if there is not compliance then security has the option to ask those guests to leave.  Guests are not allowed in Legion Members Bar area, office, back of building, hallway where pictures are located, alley, grass area, or any other area deemed off limits by security personnel.


The renter shall make sure that there are no pyrotechnics used by the band and that the entertainers shall not overload the electrical system by their equipment.  If there is any damage caused by the band or entertainers’ equipment then renter shall be responsible for the costs of repair.  Renter shall be responsible for the actions of band and entertainers and shall make sure that band or entertainers abide by the same rules of renter’s guests  as per this agreement.  Band and/or entertainers shall only exhibit inside the hall and not outside the hall.  Renter shall make sure that band or entertainers are finished by the above-stated time otherwise renter will be charged for the hold-over time of the band as per the rate stated above.


Renter and landlord agree that this agreement shall be interpreted, enforceable and construed under the laws of the State of California.  If any part of this agreement are to be held unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of this agreement shall continue in full force and effect.